In the Hands of Happy Readers!

In the Hands of Happy Readers!

We LOVE Readers!

Celebrating the Seasons, our first anthology, is now found “in the wild”! We love seeing it in the hands of happy readers like Mitchell, Jill, and Bob, who graciously sent us photos of our book in hand and allowed us to feature them on the blog.

Our book in the hands of happy readers!

We also received our first review on Amazon: 5 STARS!! I don’t care if it’s your first book or your ten thousandth, those reviews matter and an unsolicited 5-star review is the best surprise to wake up to!

First Amazon review for Pen and Keyboard's first anthology, Celebrating the Seasons.

Why Join Pen & Keyboard?

My personal feeling is that reviews left on retail sites like Amazon are for book buyers. They’re not meant to be just praise or critique for the authors. I’d encourage all readers to review the books they read as if giving honest advice to a good friend who loves to read. The positive, 5-star reviews delight us, of course, and let us know that we’ve succeeded!

Every writer started out, first and foremost, as a reader. None of us want to disappoint our fellow readers! Anything less than five-star reviews sting. One reason for joining a writing club like Pen & Keyboard Writers is to get honest reviews and suggestions from our fellow writers before we send work to editors, agents, and publishers. Before we inflict ourselves on readers. We know that readers deserve to be entertained, informed, delighted, provoked and intrigued. If we can do all of the above, then we’ve done a good job!

If you are interested in joining Pen & Keyboard Writers, please contact us.

Where to Buy Our Anthology

To get your very own copy of Celebrating the Seasons, visit and choose your favorite version (it’s available in print or eBook!) and retailer. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as this reviewer.

If you are in the Oklahoma City / Edmond, Oklahoma area, watch this blog for announcements of upcoming events like book signings and panel discussions. Come meet some of the authors, if you can! Darlinda Hagens, Carla Guthrie, Joe Scavetti, E.H. McEachern, and Donna Castle Richardson recently participated in a panel discussion and book signing at Deer Clan Books:

Authors Responding to Questions from crowd

Will there be a “round two”? the reviewer asks. There just might be, with encouragement like this!