We Didn’t Win, But We’re Still Celebrating!

We Didn’t Win, But We’re Still Celebrating!

Happy Mother’s Day

A gentle drenching rain falls on this damp, green Mother’s Day morning. Last night’s angry flashes of lightning and foundation-rattling thunder were enough to send me scurrying far away from the windows. But now, the rain is softly percussive against the drooping leaves, plinking droplets sounding musical notes as they splash into muddy puddles. A steady thump, thump, thump of water against the metal chimney keeps the beat, drumming its insistent, incessant, rhythm. My pequin pepper bush stretches its branches wide as the heavens quench its thirst. It bursts out in spicy little nubbins of joy.

What creature doesn’t celebrate the seasons? What creature doesn’t mourn – just a little – the passing from one to another, even while welcoming the next? Without winter to clear the way, there would be no spring. Without spring, summer would make a desert of us all. Fall reminds us that winter is just around the corner, but sings the other seasons out in a joyous riot of color and the momentary refreshment of a crisp, cool breeze wafting a hint of apple cider.


Pen & Keyboard Writers‘ anthology, Celebrating the Seasons: An Anthology in Poetry and Prose, didn’t win the Oklahoma Book Award. It didn’t win Best Adult Book in the Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc (OWFI) Contest. But, ever-hopeful, our writing group enjoyed the OWFI Conference and our pre-con lunch at San Marcos Mexican Restaurant, nonetheless. In fact, seeing each other face-to-face was the real reward for a job well done.

Pen and Keyboard Writers at San Marcos Mexican Restaurant in Oklahoma City Jacque Graham, Holly Jahangiri, and Vivian Zabel at OWFI Conference 2023 Autumn Harting, Eva Mahoney, Carla Guthrie, Darlinda Hagens, Biruta Harris, Donna Richardson, Don Richardson Jim Martin, E. H. McEachern Pen and Keyboard Writers at the OWFI Awards Banquet, May 2023

The Reviews are IN!

Cover of Celebrating the Seasons“A lovely collection of poems and short stories from different age perspectives in a celebration of life’s transitions. The seasonal comparative analogy is nothing new but the diversity of the stories is refreshing.”

“This is an easy read and maintains interest. There is a natural progression through the poems and stories to reflect the spirituality of each season in turn.”

“Consistent and professional.”

“This is a charming collection that balances well. Each author’s piece(s) blend and support the other selections for each season. Cohesive and fluid. The introductory poems in each season set the stage for the life lessons represented in each season. Very nice balance.”

Those were from the judge who didn’t choose our book as the winner! See customer reviews so far at Amazon.com: Customer reviews: Celebrating the Seasons

To get your own copy in print or eBook, choose your favorite online retailer here: Celebrating the Seasons

Follow our group on Amazon: Amazon.com: Pen & Keyboard Writers: books, biography, latest update – we had so much fun on the first anthology, we already have another in the works!