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Vivian Zabel

Vivian Zabel, former English and writing teacher, heads 4RV Publishing (http://4rvpublishing.com). She studied the art of writing for years and is now a professional editor and award-winning author of children’s, young adult, and novels. Her latest book is Burnt Offering, an historical novel set in the mid 800 century BC. Her Louie the Duck Stories series (4 titles published so far and two more to be released in the next eight months) has won several honors, as has her Panther’s Adventures series.

As the Grant Director, Vivian is on the Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. (OWFI) executive board and helps with the yearly writing conference hosted by the organization.

Vivian presents workshops and sessions at conferences around the nation, including the Alaska Writers Conference, East Texas Writing Conference, and OWFI conferences.

Vivian’s books can be found at https://4rvpublishing.com/vivian-zabel.html.