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Joe Scavetti

Joe Scavetti comes from a long line of story tellers. At an early age, he learned the importance of humor, surprise and timing in relating a good tale.

Since retiring from a career in human resources and higher education administration, Scavetti now has more time to devote to his favorite hobby –  writing.

Having an outgoing personality, typical of those born in the sign of Leo, Joe becomes the center of most groups. He is usually found telling jokes, spinning yarns or making light of situations that have become too serious.

Scavetti’s quick wit and creative imagination become evident in this time-travel thriller, Reflections of the Future.

Joe Scavetti believes that life is worth living and tries to enjoy every minute of it. He and his wife, Evelyn, currently reside in Edmond, Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City.

Reflections of The Future

Two long-term friends find their lives taking separate and unexpected paths as they step into another time, and another dimension. It took only a few hours for the transformation to be complete – or was it only a few minutes?

Separated by circumstances and unable to communicate, Robert and Thurston each learn to cope with their surroundings and overcome challenges they never anticipated would exist.

The future holds all of the answers; or does it?

Infused is a keen love interest as Reflections of the Future introduces an intelligent, vibrant, witty and beautiful lady whose modesty hides her sophistication and importance on the world stage.

Joe Scavetti takes the fantasy out of Science Fiction with this enthralling tale of time travelers. Their adventure borders on reality and the reader asks, “Why not?”

The Legend of Shiloh Woods

The Legend of Shiloh Woods is a Fairy Tale of present times. It takes a fresh look at the inner workings of nature. Do Fairies and Elves really exist? How do seeds germinate? What is time, anyway?

Set in the Ozark Mountains, this fun and fanciful tale speaks to ecology and environmental issues. A primer of metaphysical truths, it is intended to be both enjoyable and informative.

Readers are encouraged to keep an open mind while exploring the possibility that, in nature, things are not as simple as they seem – more exists than is obvious.

The central character is a free-lance writer who is selected to convey ecology issues to the human population. In preparation for this role, he is educated through personal experience and interaction with creatures he previously only thought existed in myths or dreams.


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