E H McEachern Jenny Tallchief

E H McEachern

Evelyn McEachern holds a doctorate in Higher Education Administration from Oklahoma State University.  Serving as a teacher, administrator and as an Assistant Vice-President, she retired from academic life after more than thirty years of serving students.

Being energetic and focused, Dr. McEachern has found retirement to be a springboard for various ventures and activities including; charity fund raising, traveling and miniature doll house construction.

The Jenny Tallchief series is the result of some two years of thoughtful research and planning.

Dr. McEachern and her husband live in Edmond, Oklahoma where she continues to spoil their Lhasa Apso, Maggie.

Missing Emma

How does someone you love disappear without a trace? Dr. Jenny Tallchief, a Veterinarian in a small rural clinic suddenly faces desperation, frustration and despair when her sister, Emma, vanishes.

Even being married to the Undersheriff of the county, locating Emma seems impossible when evidence is non-existent.

Personal trauma has set the stage for Jenny to find clues to the missing Emma by staying in touch with animals who are her patients.

Murder, intrigue and action set in the woods of Southeastern Oklahoma keep the reader turning pages to the very end.


Human Gold

Human trafficking is the present-day face of slavery. Young people are being kidnapped or coerced into illegal activities by those whose only purpose is attaining money or power. This is not a big city problem- it’s everywhere and it’s growing.

Human Gold is the second book in a series about the adventures of Jenny Tallchief, DVM. Living in a small Oklahoma town doesn’t provide protection from large scale criminal elements. No one knows that better than Jenny’s husband, the Undersheriff in their county.

In this novel, the Tallchief family finds themselves tangled in a double mystery involving modern day slavery and echoes of the Civil War that was fought to abolish it.


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