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Doug Pell

Doug is a retired corporate finance executive in the aerospace industry who continues in retirement as an author and executive/life coach for many throughout the country. Born in Pittsburgh, PA, he spent his professional career in the Midwest (Ohio & Michigan) until retiring and moving to Oklahoma in 2017.

His interest in leadership principles coalesced in a book, soon to be published, on lessons in Biblical leadership. He readily admits that another book is unnecessary because “The Book” [Bible] on the subject has already been written. However, leaders need encouragement and sometimes a cattle prod to do things God’s way. Doug’s experience and research are a good blend of the two motivators.

The pandemic of 2020 was the catalyst to begin his writing career, yielding to his many clients who urged, “You have to write that down!”

Doug and his wife live in Edmond, OK.

Doug is a professional in LinkedIn’s freelance platform — LinkedIn Profinder: www.linkedin.com/in/dougthecoach