Take Your Writing to The Next Level

Take Your Writing to The Next Level

Are you wondering how to drag your words from the pit-of-despair and tow them to higher ground? It’s simple. Join a writing group.

When I joined Pen and Keyboard Writers, I found people seeking to improve their writing skills, same as me. The group offered encouragement, answered how-to questions, and gave constructive critiques.

Being in a community of like-minded people and receiving feedback can enrich beginners as well as bestsellers.

Three tips to improve writing:

  1. Music. When writing action scenes, I listen to action movie music. It helps me visualize the foot race or the car chase or the uppercut, sending the bad guy flying across the room. When writing your next love scene, put on some romantic instrumental music. See if it revs your creativity and increase visualization.
  2. Establish a writing habit you can live with. Maybe, like me, you have heard all kinds of writing advice. Some say writing every day for long hours paves the way to success. And for some that may work. But after writing for a while, I found I had to figure out my own plan, commit to it, and stick to it. I challenge you to find what works for you.
  3. Patience is a virtue. Lord knows I wish there was a way to write quicker. But as of today, I have found nothing. So, settle in and be patient. In the end, the efforts you put forth will reveal the fruits of your labor.

You don’t have to go alone, join a writing group and enjoy the ride to publication.